Hello everyone!


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    Hello everyone! Empty Hello everyone!

    Post by Denise_angel on Sat Jan 22, 2011 11:08 pm

    Hello! *awkward smile* 

    I'd registered a long time ago but this is my first time posting here. Sorry about that. XD Its either busy w/ school or if not, I'd rather sleep because of school is taking all my energy and just because I'm a lazy bum. lol

    TaengSic is seriously breaking my heart into million of pieces because of this inactivity or lack of interaction between them. *sigh* But I guess that's what we have to endure as we still continue to sail this couple ship. TaengSic please make 2011 a year to remember for all of us! A duet could definitely make up for those depriving days or even years.

    TaengSic fighting!!! 

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    Hello everyone! Empty Re: Hello everyone!

    Post by TaengSic<3 on Sat Jan 29, 2011 9:07 pm

    Yes, I really hope for a duet from them, too!
    It's been so long and i can't believe they dont have an official duet yet =(
    Love listening to their old duets when they sang covers
    Though their interactions may be little... well, they're still awesome

    TaengSic Hwaiting~!
    Everyone else too^^
    Hello, btw=D

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    Hello everyone! Empty Re: Hello everyone!

    Post by Taengsicle on Sat Jan 29, 2011 9:10 pm

    Welcome to TaengSic International Smile

    Haha, that sounds like me these days. I get so restless, but I just can't seem to pick up anything productive to do. It must be because I'm patiently waiting for TaengSic to treat it's shippers to a moment. That or at least some kind of sign that our ship is not dead.
    It's a marvel to me how loyal our shippers stay, and I think that's what makes me feel stronger about holding onto them. After all, if you guys are dying just about as much as me and still trucking, I can too.

    Let's cross our fingers for a good year, it's still only January after all. We have 11 more months to go, maybe they'll surprise us?

    Hwaitaeng TaengSicles and TaengSic!


    "The Greatest Love of All"

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    Hello everyone! Empty Re: Hello everyone!

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