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    Post by Taengsicle on Mon Dec 20, 2010 11:13 pm


    1.Please label your pictures with at least one of the follow tags:
    [BTS] for behind the scenes capture(s)
    [CAP] for screencaptures, mv's, variety shows, etc.
    [CF/AD] for official commercial-related pictures and posters
    [EVENT] for pictures from events (i.e. fansigning, award shows, red carpet, photoshoots)
    [GIF] for GIFs
    [MACRO] for captioned images
    [NEWS] for pictures from news agencies
    [PERF] for official pictures of general performances at music shows (Inkigayo, Music Core, Music Bank)
    [PREDEBUT] for pictures of TaengSic before they joined 0T9!
    [RECORDING] for pictures taken during recordings
    [SCAN] for scanned images
    [SNAPSHOT] for fantaken snapshots of media
    [STALKER] for pictures taken of TaengSic while they're out and about (movie theatre dates, etc)
    [VARIETY/SHOW] for images from dramas and shows
    [OTHER] for anything that does not fall into the above categories

    2. Credit Your Sources
    Remember to credit where you recieved your images if possible

    Credit the poster as well as site and source.

    Source: Tangpa

    3. Only Post Pictures of TaengSic
    This one we hope would be self-explanatory Wink

    4. Do Not Quote Images
    This slows down our server, so please do not do this.

    5. Do Not Duplicate Threads
    Once a topic for a certain event/performance/video clip has been created, please post all related images under that forum so that it is easier for everyone to browse through. Please also make sure to not post pictures previously posted. Look before you post.

    WARNING: Do not post any insulting or harmful manips/photoshopped images of any of our girls.

    If you do not follow these rules, your thread will be subject to being closed.
    Violations of any rules will result in a PM warning. Futher rule breaking will be handled accordingly.

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