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    Rules for Chatbox Empty Rules for Chatbox

    Post by Taengsicle on Wed Dec 22, 2010 1:11 pm

    Please remember that the forum's general rules still apply while you are in the Chatbox.

    1. No Vulgarities/Profanities
    Just because there is currently no chat filter does not mean that such behavior is tolerated.

    2. No Bashing/Insensitive/Hateful Remarks
    *Especially against TaengSic
    Such bashing, insensitive, and hateful remarks include:
    -Cursing at other members (refer to rule one)
    -Talk of other pairrings
    -Talk of crude topics (i.e - drugs, alcohol usage, etc.)

    3. Ignore Antis
    If for some reason an anti-fan is using our chatbox, ignore them. A moderator will deal with them accordingly.

    4. No Personal Discussion
    Keep personal matters personal. If you wish to have one on one chat with another member, please do so by means of our Private Message service or Skyp, Aim, MSN, etc.

    5. No Sharing of Personal Information
    Do not share personal information (i.e credit card information, home address, phone number, bank account information, etc.) in the Chatbox

    6. No Excessive Usage of Caps Locked Messages
    *Up to the discretion of the Moderator currently in the Chatbox.

    7. Sharing of Appropriate Links Only
    Only post relevant links to topics of discussion going on in the Chatbox.
    Also, refrain from posting download links.

    As common courtesy, always be respectful and helpful in the chatbox.
    There will always be a Moderator present during operation of Chatbox, so these rules will be enforced.

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    Rules for Chatbox Empty Re: Rules for Chatbox

    Post by vintage on Tue Dec 28, 2010 1:30 pm

    Chatbox closed at the moment.

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