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    Post by Taengsicle on Mon Dec 20, 2010 5:00 pm

    First of all, a big welcome to all the Taengsicles who are reading this. Please be sure to hit the register button if you have not done so already to see everything our forum has to offer.
    This forum, as you can see from the title, URL, banner, etc is dedicated to the pairing TaengSic or TaeSica (Taeyeon and Jessica) in Girls’ Generation. We have just started out (official opening 22/12/2010) and so we are a baby site. Please be patient and support us as we slowly grow and improve this forum.

    Sorry if this sounds boring but we definitely need to start with general rules for the forum to ensure a healthy and enjoyable fanlife in this forum. Specific rules will be posted in their respective subforums so please be sure to check them out before posting!
    Reminder: These are general rules and we are new, so therefore they are subject to change.

    1. No bashing or insensitive remarks
    Especially to other members, staff, celebrities and other pairings (OT9!)

    2. No vulgarities/profanities
    This is as straightforward as it can be. Nobody likes to be greeted by a chain of vulgarities. Moreover this is a Girls’ Generation forum, it would be nice and respectful to your idols to keep a place dedicated to them clean and friendly.

    3. No Spamming
    -Post comments only relevant to the topic at hand (unless you are in the spazz thread).
    -Advertising of other forums is prohibited. We are a forum to share thoughts and interests, not a place to market and advertise.
    -Do not copy/paste another member's post without any insight/additional comments of your own.

    4. English Posts Only
    We are an international forum, and we would like to make sure we are able to stay on the same page. Unless you provide an English translation along with your post, please post in English.

    5. Do Not Quote Images
    In forums where pictures are being posted, please refrain from quoting these images in your comments. Doing so results in a slower server and we would truly be thankful if you helped keep us running as fast as we can.

    In short, always be respectful. Keep these in mind and enjoy your time here~

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