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    Rules for Videos Forum Empty Rules for Videos Forum

    Post by Taengsicle on Tue Dec 21, 2010 3:35 am

    Please remember that the forum's General Rules still applies here.

    1. TaengSic-Related Videos Only
    Post only videos where there is some sort of TaengSic interaction.

    2. Label your topic accordingly:
    [BTS] for behind the scenes videos
    [CF] for commercial films
    [CLIP] for shortened video clips
    [FANCAM] for fan captured performances, appearances, etc
    [FANMADE] for fanmade videos
    [PERF] for official performance videos
    [RADIO] for bora radio shows
    [SHOW] for variety shows, etc.

    3. Date your topic
    Provide the date of release of your video after your tag.
    If you do not know the date, simply post the event.

    4. No Duplicates
    Please check to make sure that another member has not already posted what you are trying to share.

    5. Credits
    Remember to credit your sources. Do not share links/videos if not given permission from the original source.

    6. Download Links
    If posting links for other members to download the video, please provide either a MediaFire or MegaUpload link.

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